Our Mission

We never give up on kids and their families.

Doman International is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and empowering parents in the development of their child. Our elite team of qualified and experienced staff give parents the tools, knowledge, and coaching they need to help their child reach their full potential in life. Our mission is to help children with special needs achieve complete wellness. We educate parents about the Doman Method with courses and seminars, and provide personalized guidance to families during evaluation visits with our staff. We strive to help every child with special needs worldwide.

Our Goals

The goal for our children with special needs is complete wellness.

Our goal is to help children with special needs become well. The children we see and help come with a variety of different diagnoses including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Developmental Delay, ADD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, Learning Difficulties, stroke, traumatic brain injury, Trisomy 21, as well as many other neurological conditions and genetic abnormalities. We help kids by teaching the child’s family treatment programs and activities that can be done at home by parents. Our goal is for each child to advance in their cognitive, physical, speech, and social development. We use the knowledge gained by Glenn Doman during his lifetime and the Doman Method, and we create new, innovative methods to help children develop and progress as quickly as possible.

Our Story


The knowledge we failed in the past helps transform children today

Glenn Doman, a physical therapist, found that conventional therapies were ineffective in treating people with special needs. He created the field of child brain development with the goal of helping children with special needs achieve wellness. He developed home-based treatments to help people with developmental disabilities and brain damage develop physically, intellectually, physiologically, and socially. In 1973, he wrote the book What to Do About Your Brain Injured Child, which was revolutionary in the treatment of children with special needs. Doman knew that no therapist could ever love, or devote as much time to a special needs child as the child’s family. Going against conventional thinking, he taught his newly developed therapies directly to parents to carry out at home with their children – and achieved remarkable results. Before, it was assumed that children with special needs could not be helped.  Glenn Doman demonstrated to the world that this assumption was wrong, and that these children could become well. Glenn’s discoveries and treatments were lovingly termed “The Doman Method” by thousands of parents who found that these methods helped their children.

Glenn’s family founded Doman International with the mission of empowering families worldwide to help their children reach their fullest potential. Glenn’s son, Douglas, is the current president of Doman International and carries on his father’s work. Glenn’s children and grandchildren, along with a devoted staff at Doman International, work to make Glenn’s dream – to help all the children of the world – a reality. Combining the past discoveries of the Doman Method, and innovating new treatments, Doman International continues to evolve and adapt as new discoveries are made. The staff of Doman International have taught tens of thousands of parents around the world how to empower their children to be capable, intelligent, fit, happy, and healthy people.